“Dekart Br1/Br2”

Weight: 0.45 kg
Diam. of protection: 0 dm2
Total price: Contract price
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The body armor “Dekart Br1/Br2” it is a concealable ballistic vest, which is completed with soft aramid armor plate or armor element of ballistic polyethylene (UHMWPE). The body armor is made first of all for bodyguards of VIP persons because it provides the protection of the known pistols as:


• Tokarev TT (Index GRAU 56-A-132);


• PSM (Index GRAU 6P23) developed for operative groups of Committee for State Security and Department of Interior of USSR;


• SR-1 (Serdiukov pistol, Index GRAU 6P53) developed for special forces units;


• PM (Makarov gun). It is the most popular pistol in Russia;


• Cold arms and traumatic weapons.


The body armors are developed and produced in Moscow on the own company’s factory, have test protocols (shooting) according to GOST RF 50744-95, have the convenient quality certificates.

The body armor is completed with passport, instruction, bag for transportation. The complement with the case of the additional color is possible (black, white, beige).

You may buy the body armor “Dekart Br1/Br2” in our office-shop in Moscow or we may deliver it in any region of Russia during few days. Call us or request the call and we will call you during 26 seconds.

The export is possible only in the partner countries of the Russian Federation!

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