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The concealable vest “Remo-Kr1”. The body armor is produced in the form of usual jacket. It is completed with elastic armor panels, which provide freedom of movement. The protection class according to GOST 50744-95 – Br1, but it is possible to increase the protection class of body armor up to the 5th class.

The body armor in bare bones basic provides the protection against bullets of Makarov gun (PM), Stechkin automatic pistol (APS). It is a very light and practical in operation.

The protection class of the body armor may be increased up to:

Br2 – elastic armor panel based on the UHMWPE fibers or aramid fabrics Twaron, Rusar (TT, SR-1 pistols);

Br3 – is completed with additional armor panel (AK Type 74 5.45 assault rifle, AKM 7.62 assault rifle, Yarygin Pistol with steel thermo-cased core bullet);

Br4 – it is completed with additional armor panel (AKM pistols, AK74 with steel thermos-cased core bullet, Dragunov sniper rifle with mild steel-cored bullet).

At your order, the model of all jacket or several parts may be changed. The production of jacket of personal size is possible.

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