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We produce the most qualitative and innovative concealable vests!

The concealable vest "Markoni-Br2" is made of elastic body armors of UHMWPE or Kevlar. We produce the body armors according to GOST Standard 50744-95 (with last changes). The protection class of the concealable vest "Markoni-Br2" as per GOST - Br2 (including the 2d class of the GOST in the last version), safeguard  against bullets:

  • Tokarev TT, calibre 7.62 mm;
  • Serdiukov pistol, SR-1, calibre 9 mm;
  • PSM, calibre 5.45 mm;
  • Makarov gun, calibre 9 mm.

The body armor may be completed with hard light armor element of special composition. The protection class may be increased up to: Br3, Br4, Br5.

The body armor may be produced of the different colors and sizes. The basic size lets to use this body armor within the limits of sizes 48-60 for different size.

For each body armor the Certificate of Conformity is received and the test protocol too. The complement includes: copy of the certificate, passport, bag for transportation.

You may buy the concealable vest in our office-shop in Moscow or we may deliver it in any region of Russia or customs union countries during few days.

The layout is changed at the wishes of the client. The export of the body armors is possible in the friendly countries!

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