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The body armor "Hatton-Br3" - the concealable vest of protection class Br3 according to GOST R 50744-95 (including the 3d class as per GOST of the previous version). The body armor has a perimeter protection as per class Br1 with additional protection in the area of the back and breast of the class Br3.

The body armor has a popularity to the VIP persons and their bodyguards, because it may absorb a hit of Kalashnikov assault rifle's bullets.

In the body armor the combination of the armor elements UHMWPE is used (soft armor pocket of ballistic polyethylene) or Kevlar + hard panel of Br3 class.

The protection against bullets where there are the main vital organs - in the area of the breast and the back is provided:

  • of the assault rifle AK-74 5.45 cartridge 7Н6 with steel core bullet;
  • of the assault rifle AKM-7.62 cartridge 57-Н-231 with steel core bullet;
  • of the pistols of all brands and modifications including the most powerful pistol of the Russian production - the Yarygin Pistol with steel thermo-cased core bullet with heat-strengthened core.


The perimeter protection safeguards against bullets of pistols: PM, APS (Stechkin automatic pistol) and also, includes the pointed or bladed weapon. 

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