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The body armor "Regard-Br3" - the individual protective device against bullets of the pistols: PM, Stechkin automatic pistol, TT, Serdiukov pistol (SR-1), Yarygin Pistol and also, the pistols AK-74 5 45 cartridge 7H6 with steel core bullet, AKM 7.62 cartridge 57-Н-231 with steel core bullet. It is strictly produced as per GOST Standard R 50744-95 (the Certificate of Conformity is received).

As standard it is completed with back and breast armor panel of armor steel. At the request of the customer, the body armor is completed with side protection: aramid pocket (Kevlar) or side plates of armor steel of protection class Br2, Br3.

The body armor "Regard-Br3" has a variety of different pockets for: portable radio set, restraining device, documents, spare magazines, mobile. It is completed with leather case, which is firmly ligated to the jacket for the avoidance of the breakaway. This body armor is possible to buy at any protection class from Br1 to Br5. Know more about to the managers in our company.


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