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The body armor "Tactic-Br5" is the individual protective device against bullets of the pistols of all brands and modifications, AKM, AK74 pistols including the steel thermo-cased core bullet and also, Dragunov sniper rifle with bullets of all types. It is produced according to GOST R 50744-95 (with last changes). The protection class Br5 (according to GOST R 50744-95 - 01.09.2013, the 6th protection class).

It is completed with armor elements of armor ceramics (metal-ceramics, breast and back). At the request of the customer, the body armor is additionally completed with perimeter protection of the sides, protection of the neck (throat protector), inguen protection.

The production of any types of the pockets is possible (movable and stationary), backing up for the assault rifle, belting, ribbon, etc.

In accordance with your request we may produce the body armor made-to-measure, the protection class Br1-Br5.

Each body armor is completed: bag for transportation, passport, quality certificate.

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