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The tactic body armor "Nero-Br4" is relating to the tactical body armors of new-generation. Thanks to the system of quick reset you may pull off your body armor during 2-3 seconds, at that you don't need to unbuckle the clasps and stickers by turns.

The protection class of the breast and back armor panels - Br4 according to GOST R 50744-95 with last changes (the 5th protection class). It may be completed with the perimeter protection of the sides according to the protection classes: Br1, Br2, Br3, Br4. It is possible to finish equipping of the body armor with protection of the neck and inguen.

The body armor provides the protection against bullets of pistols: APS (Stechkin automatic pistol), PM, TT, SR-1 (Serdiukov pistol), Yarygin Pistol, AKM, AK74 pistols including the steel thermo-cased core bullet with heat-strengthened core and also, Dragunov sniper rifle 7.62 with the cartridge 57-Н-323С with mild steel-cored bullet. Thanks to the dampe layings of special materials, the blunt trauma is excluded.

We have an opportunity to produce the body armor "Nero-Br4" of any protection class Br1-Br6.

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