“GIORDANO BALLISTIC” LLC actively develops on the territory of the Russian Federation the dealer network. But we work only with companies officially registered on the territory of Russia and carry on business under legal boundaries.

If your company is interested in sales of certificated body armors produced according to the advanced technologies in the area of armored protection, we are ready to consider the collaboration with you on mutually beneficial terms.

Advantages of collaboration with us:

  • You receive the quality product with all necessary certificates and test protocols received on the territory of the Russian Federation;
  • We have an opportunity to produce any body armor at your customer preferences (any size or model, one armor plate or combination of different panels, body armor garment);
  • You receive the means of the armored protection with maximum discount and you sell it at common price with us and other dealers, and affiliates of our company, thus you are protected against dumping of concurrent organisations;
  • You will receive expert, qualified advice about sold body armors. We have an opportunity to train your employees to know particularities of sale of such technically complex product as body armor;
  • We maintain automate accounting of dealership sales in such a manner that other dealers can’t sell the means of armor protection to your client.

You need to send on our e-mail the brief information about your company, information about potential sales result, regions of service and also, data about sale experience of body armors on the territory of Russia that we consider you as our dealers.


We will be glad to work with you!


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