The company “GIORDANO BALLISTIC” is a developer of body armours and body armor garmen, and delivers the means of armor protection produced according to the last innovative solutions. Our production fully conforms to the All-Union State Standards in the area of ballistic protection that is confirmed by relevant quality certificates and prior experience working with major customers.

Today our clients are: military units of armed forces, subdivisions of Federal Customs Service, cash-in-transit courier departments of big banks, Private Security Companies, bodyguards and also, other person or body corporates, who are needed in the professional body armors and other means of ballistic protection.

We possess of technologies, which afford an opportunity to produce any body armor in accordance with your desire. The concealable vests or outward with soft or hard armor panels, superlight or intense add-on protection. Also, we produce clothes, which in view don’t differ from everyday, but with protection from the bullets of different calibre or knife blade.

Every body armor produced by the company “GIORDANO BALLISTIC” is completed with passport and also, with the bag for comfortable transportation of body armor. The armor panels are portable and in case of need you may always address to us for hardening, if you need.

The headquarters and warehouse are in Moscow. The warehouses are in regions of Russia: Kazan, Ekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Rostov-on-Don.

The purpose of “GIORDANO BALLISTIC” LLC – to take the world lead  in the area of armor protection that each our customer may receive the guaranteed protection of his life and health against security incident!


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